Three Seas Initiative

The Three Seas Initiative brings great benefits to the participating countries. Its primary goal is to expand the region by implementing projects in the field of transport, energy and digitization. Countries in Central and Eastern Europe are less advanced in development for historical reasons. The Three Seas formula is to respond to the dynamic growth of the economies of the countries in the region and to strengthen the ties between them. In modern Europe, there are countless East-West infrastructure connections, however solely a few along North-South. For these reasons, one of the outstanding projects is Via Carpathia.

The road called “Via Carpatia” will run from Lithuanian seaport Klaipeda, Polish metropolises Bialystok, Lublin and Rzeszow, via Slovak towns Prešov and Košice, Hungarian cities Miskolc and Debrecen, across Romania via Oradea, Lugoj, Calafat and Constanta, via Bulgarian capital of Sofia up to the Greek Thessaloniki, consequently embedding into the process of advancing economic and territorial cohesion of the European Union.