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Conference of partners from NGPFTSI. Its aim was to promote our federation on the international arena, during which members of NGO’s from the Three Seas countries got to know each other, integrated and led the conference about our future cooperation together.


We have invited Paweł Jabłoński viceminister of MSZ (ministry of foreign affairs in Poland). He was talking about opportunities that this project will give to our community.

Our other guest was Karol Jędruszek, Paweł Pawłowski and Robert Ratajczyk their debate was transmited via internet on facebook platform. Topics they were discused was diverse: from economy and beneitfs of 3SI to social constructs and new generation wich is able to develop our region in future.
In the second part of this conference our partners from abroad took part in a debate: mr Adrze Szumach, mr Peter Duce and ms Zuzanna Hucova was talking about their and their country perspectives what included cultural acceptance of 3SI and mass conciusnes about this project.

All in all this event was a great succes for us. Despite problems with COVID-19 we managed to meet each other, talk about important challanges that lay in front of us and discus future strategy of our cooperation.

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    19 lipca, 2021 @ 8:00 am
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    27 lipca, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
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