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Due to our investment in a Three Seas Initiative we have been invited to participate in a conference in Warsaw that took place in September.

A lot of important politicians took part in a discusion panels such as viceminister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Paweł Jabłoński and undersecretary of State Barbara Socha.

Guest had the oportunity to discuss about future challanges in TSI region and had a chance to exchange their own ideas about this project. For us the most vaulable part was a discusion panel about trade and most important values that new trade route through TSI region will provide. Concecting North-East and South-East Europe with via carpatia route supported by connection from Baltic and Adriatic Sea will open new directions for international trade from Suez canal that will not be forced to travel by sea to ports in Netherland but could finish in Cratia and Slovenia and expand from there.

For us this conference was beneficial at its most we had opportunity to learn more about the project we have meet fantastic people from every part of TSI region who are open minded and full of ideas about future directions of 3SI but also whole European Union

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